Sunday, August 25, 2013

More craftiness

PlI just like to document the things I make. I'd like to get more consistent about it, too. So, here are a few more things I've been making recently. 

I made this little flower for Bella's blessing day. She wore a dress that my Grandma made for her. 

Not really a craft, but a delicious dessert recipe from, where else, but Pinterest! I absolutely loved these cheesecake stuffed strawberries. Easy and delicious!!

These cute little baby shoes were too small! I thought I had measured her feet correctly, but I picked the wrong size. Not only that, but I accidentally made two right shoes. Oops! I guess I'll need to make two left ones and give them away as gifts :) I also need to make her some that are the correct size. I love the pattern and would love for her to have some.

This carseat cooler is one of my favorite things I've made recently. It gets hot here in AZ, and I feel so bad for the little man when we come back to the car and his seat is so hot. This is perfect for when we're at church or out somewhere else for a few hours. 

These bathtub paints were a big hit. Super easy, and quick clean-up, too. Although one of the blue colors kind of stained but it has since come completely off. 

Since I failed so spectacularly at making the other shoes, I thought I'd give these a try. And they are awesome! This way her feet don't get all sweaty, and she doesn't kick them off very quickly.

Oh this dress. I just love it. I make these dresses as baby gifts for friends, and I finally got to make one of my own! I also made a matching diaper cover.

It was a little trickier than I'd expected, but still quite easy. And it really completes the outfit. 

 And finally, for now, a tie. He really, really wanted a pink tie and even picked out the fabric for it. He could hardly wait for me to finish and asked every day if it was done yet. He has also requested a blue one and red one. Both of which he will get for his birthday.

I'm also ready to actually quilt Bella's quilt, I just haven't gotten to it, yet. There are a few birthday projects that need to happen first, as well as a baby gift for a new nephew who will be here shortly!

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